Suitable for 3 years plus - $250

Half an hour of magic and games and half an hour of face painting.

One hour: Half an hour of magic and games and half an hour of face painting.

Can be altered to include one hour of magic and games only with no face painting.

This package is tailored for younger children. It includes simple activities with lots of dancing in order to maintain the interest of little ones.

The program begins with an introductory warm up session. In the case of Fairy Flutterby a spell is cast, turning the children into magical fairy helpers for the day. An interactive magic show is then performed. Children cast spells to put colours in colouring books and are given the strength to break the strongest wand in Fairyland!

Fairy Freeze dance

Just like musical statues. During this game, various dances take place such as "the chicken dance", "heads shoulders knees and toes", "hokey pokey", and a "conga line".

Fairy Limbo

Eith the use of a limbo stick.

Pass the parcel

In which all party goers receive a small prize of their choice from a range including hair clips, bubbles, lip gloss, stickers, bracelets, toy cars, bouncy balls.

Face painting

Designs are subtle and painted in non-toxic, washable paint. They are quick and not time consuming or messy.
Each child can choose any design they like.